Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We are still here!!

 A "Pouting" Gorilla at the Denver Zoo

So much has been going on and I have so many stories to tell and pictures to show; however, I have been plain and simply unmotivated to blog for quite some time now.  I believe anyone who was actually following my posts have become my friends on Facebook and that alone has contributed to this "lack" of motivation.  But then the other day I was on a flight home to Denver and began telling the stories and showing my pictures to someone interested in moving to and exploring Colorado and decided maybe I should keep up with my blog simply to document our time in this beautiful state!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

So much has been going on since the last time I blogged I do not even know where to begin.  I am always on here promoting Colorado hoping someone in our family will just have to plan their next vacation to visit this wonderful state and us of coarse! 

Well it was not long after my mom and grandma left my dad headed out for almost 2 weeks.  He did not care to do much in the way of exploring though, he just wanted to chill at home, go to the movies and used CD stores.  We found a huge used CD store in Denver where I found so much "older" music that brought back memories.  My dad even found a couple of rare, hard to find CD's. The store was actually not to far from us on Colorado Blvd and it was named Second Spin.  FYI...they also have used movies and games.

When dad headed back to AZ Scott and I tagged along so we could meet our new grandson Athen, who deserves his own post. And later I was off to Nashville to meet our new and first granddaughter Riley who also deserves her own post.  More to come...............

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pikes Peak: America's Mountain

I have been struggling to find the time lately to post on our Colorado adventures lately, not because we haven't done anything just because.  Back on the Tuesday after Labor day when my mom and grandma were still here we drove to the top of Pikes Peak - America's Mountain.  This mountain was the inspiration for the song "America the Beautiful".

Entrance to Pikes Peak is just a few miles from the cool town of Manitou Springs we visited last year.  The entrance fee to the mountain is a little pricey at $12 per person and there are absolutely no discounts!  No senior, AAA or student discounts and our State and National Parks pass did not work either.  But the beauty of the drive to the top was well worth it!  There is a train ride to the top as well, that costs around $35 per person and I think it would be nice for a different perspective.

Big Foot Sighting?  I guess he has been spotted here before, but that was just my mom being silly!

At the top of Pikes Peak!

Warning: A portion of Pikes Peak Highway is not paved, so your car bounces around and gets pretty dirty.  Also when you are driving down the mountain there is a mandatory brake check, where someone takes the temperature of your brakes to make sure they are not overheating.  There were so many cars pulled over waiting for them to cool.  My brakes were doing good but I pulled over anyways to let them cool. 

What a beautiful day it was!  I can't wait to go back again and take the train for a different perspective.

For Dad

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park Day Trip: Bear Lake

Bear Lake was so amazing, I decided it deserved it's own post.  Scott and I felt like visiting this lake with mom and grandma was such a tease!

We wanted to do the hiking trails around the lake and explore more of the area, but we had to take it easy with grandma.

She was so kind and found a bench to hang out on while we explored a little more.  We can't wait to go back and hike someday! 

P.S. On our way out of the park we received a phone call from Scott's son Josh who just made him a Grandpa!  Yes Scotty became a grandpa on Labor Day to a 7lb 8oz healthy baby boy named Athen.  We are planning to go see him soon and snap a few pics:)

Rocky Mountain National Park Day Trip (Part I)

On Labor Day we decided on a Day Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with a stop in Estes Park for brunch.  The day was so crazy windy, we got out of the car had lunch and decided to leave without walking around because the wind was that bad.

We drove into Rocky Mountain National Park where we got in free with grandma's Senior Lifetime National Park Pass!  We drove up Trail Ridge road for a few miles where we saw, smoke rising behind the mountains and were curious what was going on.  On our way home we drove through thick smoke and found out it was the Four Mile Canyon Fire.

After this rest stop on Trail Ridge Road we turned around and headed towards Bear Lake, because this was only a Day Trip and we did not have the time or energy to travel to deep into the park.

Vail - Breckenridge Day Trip (Part II)

Heading back home from Vail we stopped by to check out what was happening in Breckenridge.  Well it turns out there was so much going on we struggled to find parking.  But when we did we walked straight into the Mountain Art Festival were i was scolded for having my camera out (No PICTURES!)

After cruising through the art festival we jumped onto main street were grandma admired more firemen, shopped and we stopped for an afternoon coffee and people watching.

We left Breckenridge headed back to the I70 passing Lake Dillon (rated one of the best summer lake towns to visit in the country) and made it home about 5 pm, just in time to fire up the grill!

Lake Dillon, Colorado a view driving by on the I70

Vail - Breckenridge Day Trip (Part I)

On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend we took a day trip in the Rockies heading west on the 70 for about 1 hour and 45 minutes we entered one of our favorite places to visit Vail

We found our way to Lionshead Village to eat at our favorite restaurant (and reasonably priced too)  Moe's Original Barbecue.  Everything on the menu is Awesome but you can't leave without trying their Banana Pudding!!!YUM

With our full bellies we jumped onto the Gondola for a ride to the top of this gorgeous mountain. The oxygen was limited at the top of the mountain, so grandma and I took it easy, while my mom and Scott walked all over snapping pictures.

Back down in the village we noticed a Jazz Festival was going on, but we decided to jump in the car and head over to Breckenridge to check things out.

Red Rocks: Labor Day Weekend

Earlier this month on Labor Day weekend, my mom and grandma came to visit us.  I picked them up bright and early Friday at the Airport and we had breakfast on the patio of the Corner Bakery in Highlands Ranch looking out to the beautiful Rockies.

Later we drove about 15 miles to the Red Rocks Ampitheater, a must stop for every visitor to Denver.  The day was beautiful and the ampitheater was hoppin with visitor and preparation for a concert later that evening. Grandma loved looking at the pictures and video of all the country artist that had been there while my mom looked over the early rock bands who played there, most of all The Beatles!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Chore

Scott and I have had to learn so many new things since moving from the Arizona desert to Colorado.  We have learned to drive in snow, shovel snow, dress for snow, walk on ice, cook in high altitude, cool down a house with no AC in the summer, and most recently paint a deck.  Scott has worked so hard over the past week cleaning, stripping, and painting the front and back deck of our house.

The dogs are surely loving their new clean and fresh looking play area or should I say lounge area for Millie? She sure does love soaking up the sun!

Thanks Scotty for all your hard work!

Pink Roses in the Backyard

Pink Roses in the Backyard

Summer in the Backyard

Summer in the Backyard
Sparky happy outside in the summer. What a change from an Arizona summer!

Fall Colors in the Backyard.

Fall Colors in the Backyard.